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After receiving the devastating news of her son’s death, Elizabeth ekes out a lonely and strained relationship with her husband, Zach. While he takes comfort in support groups, Elizabeth becomes withdrawn and seeks solace from the only thing that helps her forget: alcohol. A chance meeting with a man on the side of the road spurs her to travel cross-country to the site of her son’s death in the hope of understanding what had happened.


“This is a lovely, searing book. A son dies in a baffling car smashup, and circumstances hint at the even-worse agony of a suicide. With consummate skill and tenderness, Michael C. White follows his parents onto the broken ground of the unbearable hereafter.” -Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean


“This is a beautifully crafted novel of unbearable loss and earned forgiveness. Michael C. White has wrought a remarkably moving tale of love and redemption.” -Anita Shreve, author of The Pilot’s Wife and Rescue